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ACE Questions

Hi everyone,

In a few days I must install and configure two ACEs modules (Software version 3.0(0)A16). Although I have already read the documentation there are a things that I don't have clear, and I really need your help!!!

1. The costumer wants redundancy between the two 6500 and the two ACEs. The redundancy in the 6500 is made via HSRP. The Administration guide tells that one FT group must have a standby context, but doesn't say what configuration must have the standby context (I assume that is the same configuration in the active context and the standby context, that's correct?). As well I suppose that the HSRP track configuration is made in the active context.

2. The costumer can't made changes in the server's ip configuration, further more the clients and servers are in the same subnet, so I am planning to use bridge mode. Again I suppose that the ip address configured in the BVI interface, is the one that the clients use when want access the server, and the server's ip configuration remains the same.

3. What are the main benefits of use different contexts?

Thanks and best regards,

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