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By Cisco Infromation Broadcom Ethernet card 57712 can be  use on the 3th party servers as adapter-fex (802.1br / 802.1bh ). I try to use BroadCom Card 57712 (Cisco P/N  UCSC-PCIE-BSFP=) on the IBM Servers, As standard ethernet card it works properly on the IBM servers.

The problem begin when I try to enable NIV (Network intervace Virtualization) feature on  the BIOS Ethernet card ( this is requrement of Adapter-FEX configuration  ). I can't to found this option under Brodcom BIOS Device Hardware Configuration.

This menu contains onlt two filed:

  • Muti-Function Mode - SF
  • DCB protocol Enable.

Does any one know how to enable NIV feature under this card.



You need to first enable and configure port on ToR Nexus 5500 switch with Adpter FEX.

1.    configure terminal  2.    install feature-set virtualization  3.    feature-set virtualization  4.    vethernet auto-create 5.    interface Ethernet1/10 6.     switchport mode vntag Then to enable NIV you need to refer Broadcom BCM57712 documentation.

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1.Sure at first I define ToR Nexus 5548

install feature-set virtualization

feature-set virtualization

vethernet auto-create

port-profile type vethernet user_data1

  switchport mode trunk

  switchport trunk native vlan 106

  state enabled

port-profile type vethernet user_data2

  switchport mode trunk

  switchport trunk native vlan 107

port-profile type vethernet user_access

  switchport access vlan 106

  state enabled

interface Ethernet1/7

  switchport mode vntag

2.But I can't found how to enable NIV on BroadCom 57712. As I understood from broadcom site - NIC partitining have to enable NIV. But this feature is not available on the Card BIOS configuration .

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