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At the mercy of STP !

In a data centre which uses VTP trunks to connect user VLANS to the same core switches that connect server and network VLANs, if a switch is added to suppliment a user VLAN it will affect a trunk and hence spanning tree will run on all VLANS. Can I employ prunning to remove the threat of STP blocking all Server ports when a trunk carrying all (but uncessessarily) VLANs is modyfied ? Will pruning stop a VLAN from being presented to certain areas of a STP domain ? We have noted in a lab that any modyfication to one VLAN can halt all operation on all other VLANs for up to 50 seconds.

any thoughts ?

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Re: At the mercy of STP !

Hi Steven,

This question would be likely to get a better and faster answer on the "LAN, Switching and Routing" forum, and it looks like a question that needs to be answered. Would you mind copying, pasting, and posting it over there? Our charter here is -

Mainframe connectivity, SNA Switching Services, DLSw+, managing SNA/IP internetworks

Not that we don't use everything else, it's just what we use it for that's different.

Rgds, Dan

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