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Can DLSw have more than one local peer?

Our Data Center wants to consolodate its DLSw peer routers. The field routers are peering with 6 Data Center routers. Can we move the IPs (loopbacks) of the 6 routers to 2 Data Cneter routers? That way we won't have to reconfigure the field - just a few Data Center routers. ALTHOUGH, all the evidence I can find only allows for one local DLSw peer.

Is there a way to have more than one peer on a router?



New Member

Re: Can DLSw have more than one local peer?

Hi Bob,

You've read the documentation correctly, only one "dlsw local-peer ..." per router.

The best answer is to bite the bullet and change the remotes. But you can probably work around this by using NAT

Before you do that though, read this to avoid a potential pitfall.

Also, I hope that you have considered the threefold load increase that this implies. Presumably either the existing routers are running at very low CPU utilization, or you are moving to much faster processors in the remaining two.

Rgds, Dan

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Re: Can DLSw have more than one local peer?

It's been a while, but I had converted a site to something similar. The trick is to configure the core routers to be promiscuous - you don't hard code the peers on the core routers.

You then configure a primary peer and a backup peer on the remotes.

I found the tech note I referenced at the time - Configuring DLSw Backup Peer Using an ISDN DDR Connection

Cisco Employee

Re: Can DLSw have more than one local peer?

Hi Bob,

You can't configure more than one local-peer on the host. If the remotes are promiscuous, you could have the data center routers connect out. If the branches are not promiscuous already, then that doesn't help. You will still have to change the remotes to point at the new host IP. Our Advanced Services group has done this with scripts. Looks like you will have to reconfigure the field, just might be able to automate the process a little.

Best regards,


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