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casual connection

Hi,We have casual conection to different company. The topology like that:MainframeA(VTAMA-Appl1)--NCPA-- LL--MainframeA(VTAMA-Appl2)--We want migrate our side to router based network like that:MainframeA(VTAMA-Appl1)--CIP--DLUR (DLSW+SnaSw)--LL--MainframeB(VTAMB-Appl2)Does This config work? I found a document on cco based on CIp to CIP connection for casual connect, I'm not sure that it covers our need.I need any info about it. Thanks in advance.Regards,Funda

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Re: casual connection

Hi Funda,

Appears you are referring to this CCO example of APPN border node and LEN casual connect?

The CCO example would work - but you would NOT require SNASw in the Cisco router attached to Mainframe A. DLSw+ would provide LLC transport across the WAN in the above example.

BUT a much better approach to your requirement of moving to IP and FEP migration is using Extended Border Node (EBN) on MainframeA and MainframeB (if both mainframes are APPN enabled & running CS/390 V2R7 or higher) , and enable Enterprise Extender (EE) on both hosts:

MainframeA (EBN/EE)-----------IP Network--------------MainframeB (EE/EBN)

EBN provides the cross-SNA subnet (different NETID) support, while EE provides HPR/IP IP/UDP transport for SNA traffic between hosts end-to-end - no DLSw+ would be required for SNA L3 transport if EE is deployed! SNASw is NOT required for EE/EBN between mainframes and is not a solution for this purpose (SNASw supports peripheral SNA EN/LEN/PU2.0 devices - see for more information). Traffic exiting hosts on both end is already IP encapsulated (and SNA COS to IP precedence marked to leverage Cisco QoS support mechanisms like WFQ/CBWFQ/etc.) - the Cisco network in between is all IP!

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