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Catalyst 3110 in IBM BladeCenterH

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has ever implemented the Cat 3110X/G in an IBM BladeCenterH chassis? On the Cisco design guide (, it stated that there can only be up to 4 Catalyst 3110X/G installed in the chassis. We want to install 6 of these switches using MSIM, but we're not sure if Cat 3110X/G are supported on the MSIM or not.

The other thing is, the software config guide has a warning that states: "TheCatalyst Switch Module 3110 does not support switch stacks with different types of blade switches as members. Combining the Catalyst Switch Module 3110 with other types of blade switches in a switch stack might cause the switch to work improperly or to fail."

Does it mean that we can only stack 3110X or 3110G only, but not a mix of 3110X+3110G?

Any help will be appreciated.

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Re: Catalyst 3110 in IBM BladeCenterH

You can stack a combination of up to nine switch modules. You can stack only the Catalyst Switch Modules 3110G and 3110X; other blade switches are not supported.

IBM supports MSIM with Cisco switches for BladeCenterH chassis. The Cisco FC bladeswitch will work in the MSIM.

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