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CE 500 config problem

I cannot assign an IP adress to 2 CE500 switch... I can add the login account but it look like it refuse the IP address... IE 6 SP2 rapport some script error... Any idea before I open the window and throw the 140 we just received outside?


Re: CE 500 config problem


can you give some input on what you did configure and where you got stuck?

Can you tell, what settings you have choosen for "IP Assignment Mode" and for "IP Address"?

Also be aware of the somewhat strange restrictions:

"The IP address is a unique identifier for the switch in a network. The format is four numbers separated by periods. Each number can be from 0 to 255.

This field is enabled only if the IP assignment mode is Static.

Note Make sure that the IP address that you assign to the switch is not being used by another device in your network.

The IP address and the default gateway cannot be the same.

The IP addresses in the network cannot be configured on the switch."

So use something else than out of

Hope this helps! Please rate all posts.

Regards, Martin

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Re: CE 500 config problem

The problem is with my laptop configuration. Another laptop can do the same thing and it work...

The real problem right now with the CE500 is that we need to configure 140 and 250 of them in a low trafic, manage environment and it seem you can't create a templace with CNA and use a script to generate all the 140 different config files and import it back once the IP have been assign by the web interface... CNA will import the modified config to a different switch but after that, it's toast and you have to reset it to default config...

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