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CIP command reference

Does anyone know where to find a command reference for the CIP microcode? I am looking for documentation of the commands available when I do a "session" command from the router prompt to the CIP slot and get the CIP processor command line.


Re: CIP command reference

There is no document available for CIP console commands. Initially, CIP console is used by Cisco TAC and the CIP development team. As Cisco TAC uses CIP console a lot, a web page showing how to take a TN3270 trace is eventually posted on CCO. That's the only information regarding CIP console command is available today. I do not know any plan to publish a CIP console command reference. Do you have a business reason for us to publish a CIP console command reference?

There are only a handful of CIP console commands. There is online help as well. If you do a help or help , you may able to guess the usage of certain commands.

Finally, I would like to warn you that CIP console command may cause problems to CIP. Please use it with care or you may want to stay away from it.

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