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Cisco UCS FI 6200, FabricPath, Non-nexus networking


Is Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect 6200, FabricPath aware? From the datasheet it seems like it is NOT FabricPath aware but just want to make sure. I have yet to find a UCS connectivity option without Nexus switching, I get the sense that one doesn't exist. If an organization decides to use UCS blade chassis for compute with non-Nexus networking/swtiching are there any gotchas to be concerned about?  The UCS connectivity solution guide ( shows pair of Fabric Interconnects (unfortunately the soltuon guide uses older FIs - 6100, but assuming things haven't changed)  to either 5k or 7k in VPC. Does this mean I can use a non-Nexus switches specifically Arista in MLAG (or MEC) same way as 5k/6k/7k VPC? 


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Cisco UCS FI 6200, FabricPath, Non-nexus networking


Fabricpath is not supported on UCS FI.

You can connect FI to any Ethernet switch that implements IEEE  standards.


I don't think FI supports

I don't think FI supports IEEE TRILL either. I believe FI only has the very basic switching software, and FI is meant to run as "end host" mode, which means that FI is not a switch at all in that mode.

TRILL is implemented in very high end 7000 switches. FI , in networking perspective, is a very low end device.

In all cases, top-of-rack, end-of-row, and even hybrid-with-extender, 3-layer or spine-leaf architecture, one additional switch on top of FI is required. The connectivity brief page does not say so, but that requirement is a hard requirement.

FI is made to control x86-64 hosts hardware via software. That is a feat in and of itself that the FI product manager worked very hard to achieve. You know who the product manager is.

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