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cisco ucsc-220M3 - hardware raid or embedded raid

Hello all, how i can check if my server have hardware raid controller ?

as per cisco doc embedded megaraid controller will not support vmware.

i need to verify if i am using hardware raid contoller or the embedded one?

i have cisco ucsc-220me server.

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cisco ucsc-220M3 - hardware raid or embedded raid


If you want to check if the server has a hardware RAID controller, you may open the server and check it OR you may see it in the " Storage" tab (assuming you are using CIMC 1.5) or from the "Storage" tab under the "Inventory" menu.

Another option is to watch the server during the boot process, when POST lists the disks available, it will also list the controller, if it shows nothing you are using the embedded controller.

The C220 has the embedded RAID controller, this comes from factory, it is not something you choose but it is something you may enable/disable:

The tables C-1 & C-2 show as the first option the embedded RAID controller: << Here under the section "Enabling the Embedded RAID Controller in the BIOS"  we explain how to enable the embedded controller, so you may also use that to check if the embedded controller is enabled for your server.

Please let me know if you have any doubt.

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