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Connection between HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric 10Gb/24-port Module on a HP c7000 enclosure and a Cisco 3750 switch

I'm trying to connect a HP c7000 blade enclosure with a Catalyst 3750 switch. The c7000 enclosure came with 2 HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric 10Gb/24-port Modules.

This is what i have:
Cisco side:
-cisco catalyst 3750 10/100 with four 1Gig SFP ports
-1 Cisco GLC-SX-MM 1000BASE-SX SFP
-LC to LC fibre patch cable

HP Side:
-2 virtual connect modules (though i understand the extra is for redundancy and therefore i'm just intending to connect 1 for now)
-2 HP 10Gbe SFPs

1. from my research, the virtual connect module works with fibre channel technology, I'm a bit new to blade servers and therefore haven't had experience in connecting such to networks. Though from my research, it seems the ideal connection for Virtual connects to the external network should be Cisco Nexus, brocade or some ideal Fibre channel switch. Only problem i have for now is that i dont have such a switch in my network and need to know whether i'll hav to buy, and which cisco model will do just for a basic network connection for the blade servers.

So this is what i've tried so far:
-I've tried to connect the c7000 enclosure to one of the 1Gig SFP ports on the 3750 switch using the items i've listed above though there is no link light from either the switch or the virtual connect. However, it's good i mention that i'm aware of the major differences here, i.e the 10gig speed from the HP side and the 1Gig speed from the cisco side.
-tried several switchport mode configs on the 3750 side for the 1gig sfp port but still no link.
So i just wanna find out, what should i try out? is this kind of connection possible? can it work out without an ideal Fibre channel switch?
-i've even tried to scale down the bandwidth from the HP side to 1Gig using the Virtual connect portal but still cant get even a signal.

I'll appreciate any help.


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10gb to 1 gb will not work1gb

10gb to 1 gb will not work

1gb to 1gb should work

Speed must be the same both sides. Ensure the SFP's are correct both sides and that fiber cable, copper or twinax is also correct.

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Thanks for your reply!The

Thanks for your reply!

The Cisco 1Gig SFP works fine when used in a Cisco-Cisco fiber connection.

For the HP 10Gig SFPs i momentarily tried a loop connection between the two virtual connects and the sfp links lit up just fine, so all SFPs and fiber cables are okay.

If my connection in question is possible, then i'm thinking the issue could mostly be on the HP virtual connect side. Any pointers as to any setting that i should check on the web-based HP virtual connect manager? Or what should i check so as to confirm that the port bandwidth that i'm using has been set to 1Gig speed instead of 10Gig?




No this scenario will never

No this scenario will never work. You have a 10Gb SFP in the VC's they are not 1Gb/10Gb SFP's. They are only 10Gb SFP's as far as I'm aware - I went through the same - HP on their site on one of the links state that one of their SFP's does 1Gb and 10Gb but this turned out to be untrue.

Thats why a 1Gb SFP in the Cisco switch will never work with a 10Gb SFP in the VC of the HP BladeChassis.

Between the two virtual connects will work - they are both 10Gb.

In order for this to work you need a 1Gb SFP in the HP virtual connects or a 10Gb SFP and switch capable of 10Gb with the 10Gb ports.

Hope this explains better.

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@Bilal,That is crystal clear,


That is crystal clear, i see the picture now.smiley

Well, scaling down the Virtual connects on the c7000 enclosure to 1Gb speeds would really be under-utilizing the capabilities of virtual connect and will eventually be a bottle-neck later on when the blades are finally thoughts.

Hadn't mentioned this but i've also got a 6506E Core switch in the environment.

From this link:

is it possible to use one of the Core switch 10Gb Fiber modules with the Virtual connects on the HP c7000 enclosure?

If that's possible, then it means i'll have to buy some of the below items:

  • Cisco Catalyst 6500 8-Port 10 Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Module (or 16 port..)
  • Cisco 10GBASE X2 Modules
  • SC to LC Multimode Fiber Patch Cable

Let me know whether my conclusion makes sense.

Thanks Again,




Hello Peter,I agree - it will

Hello Peter,

I agree - it will be a waste not to use the 10Gbs on the VC's.

You may use the 6500, but only under the correct circumstances - Which supervisor do you have in your 6500? Does it support 10Gb line cards? Is it highly available?

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Hi,Just figured out the


Just figured out the Supervisor Engine is: WS-X4013+ Supervisor Engine II-Plus.

Apparently this doesn't support 10Gb line cards from my research. If i'm correct, it then means i'll have to acquire a 10Gb equivalent. I came across this one from my research: WS-X4516-10GE: as it has 2 10Gb uplinks and 4 1Gb SFP uplinks, which i might need because of the connectivity to the other cisco switches on 1Gb speeds.

My question then becomes, will the Two 10Gb uplinks be okay for the VC's connectivity or i'll still have to get a 10Gb Fiber Module?



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