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Contigency plan / important steps not to miss during IOS upgrading

Hi all, one of my customer is running on a deferred IOS and he is not very happy about it, we're proposing an upgrade of the IOS to the latest version within the same trend (12.2 17d B11). Prior to this, I'm preparing some document/checklist for the upgrade procedure, being very new to such environment, are you guys willing to share with me is there any special steps not to be missed? For example if the IOS caused problem, what kind of contigency plan? My customer is in a mission-critical environment and of course he won't be happy knowing the upgrade failed...sigh...tense...

The 6509 came with the Sup720 with MSFC, do you guys really use the genuine Cisco compact flash? Or those third party (Sandisk, Apacer) will do? What kind of the capacity it can support up to? I'm thinking of purchasing a compact flash type I, then load the current IOS inside, if something goes wrong, I can take out the compact flash and swap in this and reload the core switch, any idea?

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Re: Contigency plan / important steps not to miss during IOS upg


First of all is there a genuine reason for upgrading an IOS? I mean bug or addtl features needed. Because, there's a saying "dont try & fix what aint broken"

On one of my projects with a MNC, the customer asked to install a deferred release for all their products. I asked them why & they said that they prefer to run deferred images as they are not available on CCO for malicious users to download & try & reverse engineer it. So in a way, it makes the systems more secure.

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Re: Contigency plan / important steps not to miss during IOS upg

I would really hope that my customer think the same way as your MNC customer did. They are braggin for upgrading just for the sake of their IOS went deferred. And actually the deferred reason does not relate to their environment as well. I'd require to prepare a long winded documentation/checklist in order to carry out the IOS migration. I just don't want to miss anything important whereby they will come back to me.

What worry me more is because the IOS upgrade is going to perform at both end (their production & disaster recovery center). Because the multilink between both production and DR site need to be rectified as well. Its going to be a long day for me during the upgrade...thanks for ur comment


Re: Contigency plan / important steps not to miss during IOS upg

For Sup720 I would recommend IOS version 12.2(18)SXF2.

Earlier versions than SXF1 have a bug that causes the switch to reboot after about 40 weeks of uptime.

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Re: Contigency plan / important steps not to miss during IOS upg

Tried to save some money and buy SanDisk flash 512MB for our 720's, but received error messages when I tried to copy IOS to the flash. Seems like it was a CPU hog message or something. Ended up buying Cisco flash anyway, and have seen no problems. I guess you get what you pay for. As for IOS builds, I like to run code tested by the Safe Harbor program

I'd run a newer 18SXE or 18SXF build.

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