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CPA Card: How many sessions(LLC2) simultaneous

Today I have 13000 sessions(Logical Unit), by looking at the capacity of card CPA the number is limited to 8000 LLC2 Sessions. My question is as follows; the number of sessions it is limited: PU' S + LU' S or PU' S or LU' S

New Member

Re: CPA Card: How many sessions(LLC2) simultaneous

Hi Francis,

If you are asking about support for the CSNA protocol on the CPA, the 8000 Session limit applies to PUs. Strictly speaking, it is "Link Stations", but PUs are generally the SNA equivalent for LLC2. If this question is about the TN3270 Server, then both LUs and PUs consume memory, and the limit is almost certainly going to be the number of LUs.

Rgds, Dan

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Re: CPA Card: How many sessions(LLC2) simultaneous

IThat of which I speak, it is only for PU. I thank you for this invaluable information which will help me in my migration of the communication controllers (37xx) towards solution CISCO/CPA.

Thank you very much

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