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csr1000v netflow source IP

I have 3 CSR's setup and working.  Trying to get netflow to work.  One works just fine but the other two aren't.  Same configuration across the board, destination IP, source interface etc.  The two that don't work look like they are pulling a source IP address off an interface that isn't the specified one:

Flow Exporter nflow:

  Description:              User defined

  Export protocol:          NetFlow Version 9

  Transport Configuration:

    Destination IP address:

    Source IP address:      Public IP on Gig 3

    Source Interface:       GigabitEthernet1

    Transport Protocol:     UDP

    Destination Port:       2055

    Source Port:            52340

    DSCP:                   0x0

    TTL:                    255

    Output Features:        Used

interface GigabitEthernet1

 description management

 vrf forwarding MGMT

 ip address

 negotiation auto

I have removed and reconfigured it numerous times but it will not stop grabbing the public ip assigned to a totally different interface.  You can't specify anything but the source interface in the exporter config:

flow exporter nflow


 source GigabitEthernet1

 transport udp 2055

 template data timeout 60

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