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data center :About rapid pvst and routing solution

Hi netpro :

I have a problem .in the illustration.The first solution :I config the router A and switch A and B running rapid pvst ,the switch A is root,and switch B is seconder root ,if the black link or red link is broken , convergence is less 1 second.

The second solution: I'll config the Router A interface P1,P2 and Switch A interface P1 P2,SwitchB interface P1,P2 running dynamic routing protocl (ospf or eigrp). beacause of I read the doc ,cisco recommend using L3 routing protocol.

whatever , which is the best solution about this topology ? please help me ,thanks


Re: data center :About rapid pvst and routing solution


it depends on Server side topology. As I can seen from your illustration, you have the server directly connected to switch A and B, so ... Have you a bond interface? switch A and switch B are L3? You run HSRP between them (-> you need to transport L2 till router A and B, for fault tolerance purpose, then use rapid pvst is a good thing)? or you have two OSPF links, with same subnet, and you use different OSPF costs to propagate always one prefix (-> use an optimized OSPF process, to reduce the protocol convergence time, is the solution)?

If switch A and switch B are L2 only, you have only the first option, that is rapid pvst on all topology, and router A and router B with HSRP to accomplish the role of LAN default gateway.



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Re: data center :About rapid pvst and routing solution

Hi ariela ,

thank you for your advice, my Server's interfaces share one IP add,and normally only one interface is working . I config rapid pvst at Switch A,B and RouterA's interface P1 P2,and created a vlan intetface at routerA ,the vlan int is gateway for Servers,the switchA is vlan root and switchB is second root , I did a test using command Ping between Server and int vlan ,if link is down between routerA and switch A ,the convergence is less 10 ms ,even there is no reaction. I decide to use rapid pvst in this topology, thank your respond again.


Re: data center :About rapid pvst and routing solution

Good decision, you're welcome.


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