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Data Center Core based on EoMPLS ?


We've currently a data center based on Layer 2 with many inter building links blocked by STP. To simplify a little bit the layer 2 topology (and improve inter-building link usage) i would like to introduce EoMPLS inside my Data Center core.

Is that a good idea ? or something to rapidly forget ?



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Re: Data Center Core based on EoMPLS ?

I don't think it is a better idea to deploy EoMPLS in data centre core. You can check the guideline for deploying EoMPLS

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Re: Data Center Core based on EoMPLS ?

Hi ,

i beleive that if you want to increase your core network speed and make sure it is more resiliant , also to take more advantage of load balancing , that it would be alot simple to move from a L2 core to a L3 one.

Dependent on how big your core is , it will improve responce time and make routing much more efficent.



Re: Data Center Core based on EoMPLS ?


EoMPLS is overkill for the goal presented. Basically you would introduce Layer3 in the core (needed for MPLS) and then use MPLS to make the core look like Layer2 ...

More simple approaches:

Either tune your STP (or better use Rapid Per VLAN STP or MVST) to get some load balancing and also convergence speed.

Or convert to a L3 core - i.e. IP routed. The latter step might require IP readdressing, which can be a major pain. On the other hand you then have separated broadcast (and failure) domains, nice load balancing, fast convergence and no more big STP hassle.

Hope this helps! Please rate all posts.

Regards, Martin

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