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design of Managing customer Eqipment

I need to manage 10 customer from IDC.10 cutomer may use same ip range for example,, & all customer will terminate on switch or router(6509 & any router).

1.How to design the network such that i can manage each cutomer though they may be using same range.

2.I need to monitor their network & server through any NMS software.

3.i can telnet to each of the router/switch.

Please suggest


Re: design of Managing customer Eqipment


We do have same kinda setup lined up over here but not managing different networks or customers.

we do have some internal networks which has different ip subnet configured as you said in your mail.

we have a single system using 2 different ips and different gateways.

but the point to be noted down here is the static routes which is required to be configured for each networks which has to be montiored and managed from the NMS ..


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Re: design of Managing customer Eqipment


Well i am not able to explain you my exact problem.

say customer A is having subnet & Customer B too have same subnet & we need to manage both network & we need to ensure thier security & we need to manage check thier device thru NMS.

We had discuss with my collegue.

1.we need to deploy firewall & nat it with wan ip.We are trying to deploy setup but it has got some issue


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