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DHCP Option 82

I Have a N7K installed to do dhcp relay. DHCP works fine but when I enable relay of option 82 it does not work and in my logging i see the following.

2010 Aug 26 12:32:23.613201 dhcp_snoop: Adding option82 suboptions

2010 Aug 26 12:32:23.613230 dhcp_snoop: Mac addr is 00:26:98:24:6b:41

2010 Aug 26 12:32:23.613255 dhcp_snoop: Circuit Id and Remote Id suboptions are added

2010 Aug 26 12:32:23.613291 dhcp_snoop:  Option82 Hex Dump = [T 52 L e V [T 1 L 4 V  09 01 00 33 ][T 2 L 6 V  00 26 98 24 6b 41 ] ]

2010 Aug 26 12:32:23.613324 dhcp_snoop: Sending packet on  addr[] port[67] iod[sin:0x0 tgt:0x0] ctx[vdc:1 vrf:1 top:0]

2010 Aug 26 12:32:23.613616 dhcp_snoop: Packet sent successfully

2010 Aug 26 12:32:23.613670 dhcp_snoop: Client and Server are in the same VRF

2010 Aug 26 12:32:23.613699 dhcp_snoop: Helper address is

2010 Aug 26 12:32:23.613725 dhcp_snoop: Option 82 is already present - do not add

I'm trying this with a Sunray terminal services client and the client will not boot up correctly when I am using the Nexus as an relay agent. When I use a 6500 with a helper address I hav no problem.

My config of the N7K is

version 5.0(2a)
feature dhcp

service dhcp
ip dhcp relay
ip dhcp relay information option
ip dhcp relay sub-option type cisco

interface Vlan51
  ip dhcp relay address
  ip dhcp relay address
  ip dhcp relay address
  ip dhcp relay address

Please help me?

Dirk Smit

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