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Disruptive ISSU 6.1.4a->6.2.8 on Nexus 7010 sup1 because of LACP timers.

Hi all.

The problem.

Today I updated my Nexus 7010 sup1 from 6.1.4a to 6.2.8.

I want did it in ISSU mode, but after impact check I got this:

Compatibility check is done:
Module  bootable          Impact  Install-type  Reason
------  --------  --------------  ------------  ------
     1       yes  non-disruptive       rolling  
     2       yes  non-disruptive       rolling  
     3       yes  non-disruptive       rolling  
     4       yes  non-disruptive       rolling  
     5       yes      disruptive         reset  Some LACP ports not in steady state or operating in 'rate fast' mode.
     6       yes      disruptive         reset  Some LACP ports not in steady state or operating in 'rate fast' mode.
     7       yes  non-disruptive       rolling  
     8       yes  non-disruptive       rolling  
     9       yes  non-disruptive       rolling  
    10       yes  non-disruptive       rolling  

Additional info for this installation:

Service "lacp" in vdc 1: LACP: Upgrade will be disruptive as 6 switch ports and 0 fex ports are not upgrade ready!!
      Issue the "show lacp issu-impact" cli for more details.
(modified the impact to <Hitful>  for module <6>)

Do you want to continue with the installation (y/n)?  [n] y

I went on with yes and update script reboot both sups after updated all modules.

It was quite a surprise for me (yes I know I must see word "disruptive" opposite my sups 5 and 6). Because I already had done two ISSU updates on two nexuses (from 5.1.* ->5.2.7 and 5.2.7 -> 6.1.4a) and didn`t have any trouble with LACP timers. Is it a new feature of the 6.* train?

I have another Nexus that I want to update. And it also has same problem with LACP timers.

show install all impact give me the same disruptive result because of LACP.

Can I somehow suppress such ISSU behavior? In case of LACP. I don`t have vPC, just ordinal PC.

It is a way better if some LACP interfaces flap in process, than an almost 14 minutes of all 7010 chassis reboot that I had.


Although problem with LACP timers is that they must be the same on the switch side and on the other side. And in case of switches, linux boxes or HP VCs changing LACP timers isn`t a big problem. IT is a biggg problem in case of the Windows Server.

sh lacp interface ethernet 8/13

Interface Ethernet8/13 is up

  Channel group is 13 port channel is Po13

Local Port: Eth8/13   MAC Address= 40-55-39-23-1e-c1

  System Identifier=0x8000,  Port Identifier=0x8000,0x80d

  Operational key=12


  LACP_Timeout=Long Timeout (30s)

Neighbor: 0x1

  MAC Address= ac-16-2d-a4-f2-54

  System Identifier=0xffff,  Port Identifier=0xff,0x1

  Operational key=17


  LACP_Timeout=short Timeout (1s)

They must be the same and equal 30s for successful ISSU




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