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encapulating X25 into IP

We have x25 protocol that needs to be bridge so our cash machines will run at our branches. Our main server is a HP 9000 series, running MPEX. We also have cash dispensers at each of our branches. The cash dispensers run on x25 protocol, therefore, we have to bridge x25 through out our WAN/LAN. Is there a way to encapulate x25 into IP? Transport the encapulated x25 accross the WAN, then de-encapulate x25 on the other end. Is this possible and if so, what is the configuration for Cisco 2600 router?nterface on the router, transport

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Re: encapulating X25 into IP

Hi Ron,

Sure, we you can do this. Take a look at . This shows a little more than I think you're looking for. In the topology shown here, you probably only need to look at the two routers in the middle, and your x25 devices are the equivalent of the two edge routers. The configuration for a c2600 should look much the same as what is shown here for a c2500.

Rgds, Dan

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Re: encapulating X25 into IP

the way to encasulate x25 into Ip is xot. An example of configuration in 2600 to add an x25 route:

x25 route 1111 xot

1111 is x121 remote address is the remote router ip address.


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Re: encapulating X25 into IP

Can this be accomplished on a 1751 router?

If so, do I need to have a certain featureset like Enterprise?

I've read some docs that say it can be done on any featureset, and others that says I need to have Enterprise.

Any featureset doc:

Enterprise featureset doc:

Can somebody clarify?


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