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F2E Fabric Path & VPC+ & Layer 3

I have inherited a design and am looking into its details

run a dual DC, with dual 7000 in each

F2E line cards supporting layer 3 and fabricpath

no M series cards

All 7000s in Fabric path with mesh links

Each DC 7000 pair in a VPC+

some Nexus 2000 FEX

HSRP across all four

Some layer 3 devices to be connected dircet to cores (routers and firewalls)

ASA in routed mode, with eigrp routing that needs to peer with both N7Ks at one DC (and trunk to failover pair at other)

So all functions are on one layer of device, spine, edge, and layer 3

All documentation examples seems to show layer 3 on a higher layer, or in old card deployments - mixed M/F1 with layer 3 on M cards. I see no F2E specific examples.

1) Is this a supported solution - VPC+ down, fabricpath DC interconnect and layer 3 SVIs and external  routed connections, all on F2E cards only?

2) I have not run fabricpath before (therefore not VPC+) but am comparing to VPC - are the limitations the same? In previous work with VPC I would create a non VPC VLAN for layer 3 interoperability with edge device like ASA (to get around the caveats of layer 3 and VPC). But with fabricpath - the peer link is fabricpath - you can't stop it 'trunking' - how do you have a non VPC VLAN?

You still need it to be fabricpath for operation with the other DC and failover pair as well.

Interested in your thoughts...

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