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F5 load balancer issue connecting to N5k in a VPC.

Hi, We have deployed a pair of F5 load balancers in a VPC fashion with LACP connecting to the N5ks. I am running nx-os 5.1(3)N1(1a) on the 5ks and the F5 have the latest firmware. I have recently observed that once i reboot the N5k-A (the one set to primary role in the vpc) and when it comes back up, the port channels even on N5k-B going towards both the F5s go down for few seconds. As a result the virtual ips on the F5 stops responding as the N5k SW looses the mac addresees corresponding to it. It is only the port-channels from N5k-B going towards the F5 go down, the other port-channels to other networking devices (such as SAN and UCS) which are configured similarly stay up on it.

I do not see any issue with the F5s since this looks purely something wrong on the N5k side. Please advise?


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F5 load balancer issue connecting to N5k in a VPC.

Duplicate post #1.

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