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New Member

How to Migrate M1 F2 VDC with Sup1 to F2 and F2E VDC

Good day everyone,

We are planning on upgrading line cards, and Sup modules, and I would like to know if there is best practice document or suggestion on what is the best way to migrate the current topology to new topology.

This is a flat network and it will not require inter-vlan routing. We have multiple Port-channels established to various servers, where the Port-channel members are configured on different line cards for redundancy. Eventually we will buy a second chassis.

We do have dual sup cards for HA.

We have a single 7018 chassis with the following line cards:

Current Topology:

(1) 7018

(5) N7K-M132XP-12

(2) N7K-F248XP-25

(2) N7K-SUP1

(5) N7K-M148GT-11

Future Top logy:

(1) 7018

(3) N7K-F248XP-25E

(2) N7K-F248XP-25

(2) N7K-SUP2

(5) N7K-F248XT-25E1-P1=

As part of the upgrade, I will also upgrade the NX-OS to 6.2(8b).

I am primarily concerned about the migration from two VDC ( M and F2 VDC) to new VDC. I have no way of testing my configs before my activity so I am trying to gather as much info as I can before the activity.


Any information will be greatly appreciated.






Hello, Raman. Have you

Hello, Raman. 

Have you checked this white paper for recommended practices for VDC deployment?

Let me know if you have other concerns or e-mail ( me directly. Kind regards. 

New Member

Hi Adawa, I have seen this

Hi Adawa,


I have seen this particular document but I didn't really find the answer I was looking for.

Here's what I am trying to find out before we perform our upgrade.

As I mentioned in my post we are replacing all the M1 Line cards and Sup1, with F2 series line cards ( The current F2 will remain in the chassis).

I would like to know (recommended) the order of implementation.

Here's my approach and I would like to get confirmation if it is a good approach:

1) Perform all the backups (license, new software, and the startup config) on usb drive.

2) Take out the old Sup1 cards and replace them with the new Sup2 cards.

3) At this point I am trying to determine If I should go ahead and remove all the M1 line cards.

4) If removing of the line cards should be the next step, then I will replace all cards with new cards.

5) Provision the Admin context,  create the new context for the data, and allocate all the necessary interfaces to the new context.

6) Import/Copy the license to the new Sup2 cards.

7) Apply the interface commands from the startup config stored on the USB to each line cards.

8) run my functional check out and validate the status of each host that is connected to the new cards


Do you agree with this approach or is there something else I should take into consideration.

Thanks for all your help.




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