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HSRP between N7K and 6500 sup720

I have a question for a Cisco supported solution perspective.

I have built 2 new data centers for a customer based on a pair of N7K at each (nexus 7010 with supervisor 1s).  They are running the SVI for all server VLANs in a VDC, another VDC runs OTV.  Because of the limitations of OTV not having a symetric path back to the originating data center, we split our VLANs in half and made the .1 gateway for 8 of the VLANs be one data centers and the .1 gateway for the other 8 VLANs be the other data center.  We then advertise out specific and summary routes out of each data center so that traffic destined to specific networks goes into 1 data center and by ensuring the .1 gateway is also in the data center, the return traffic always leaves that data center regardless of where the server actually is.  We run HSRP between the 2 pairs of N7Ks so that in the event of a catastrophe, the .1 gateway will become active in the data center (this is over multiple 10Gbps point-to-point circuits).  Note that the VDC where all of the SVI are runs VPC and peer-switch and peer-gateway for downstream switches and hosts.

Make sense so far?  This solution has worked great for 2+ years.  We added in a legacy 3rd data center that while it has a pair of N7K, the SVI for the server VLANs exists in a pair of 6500s running dual 720 supervisors.  The goal was to evacuate this data center of all gear.  So we run OTV in the N7K and trunked in some connections from the 6500.  My goal was to leave the .1 gateways in this data center on the 6500s until a VLAN was fully evacuated and then move HSRP and the .1 gateway to the new data centers and turn off the SVI in the 6500 at that time.  My concern was running HSRP betwen 6500s and pairs of N7Ks running VPC.....there are differences in how the N7K handles HSRP when running peer-switch and peer-gateway. 

Anyway, regardless of my concerns (I architected and installed this solution but the day-to-day is done by a different group), the operations group turned up SVI in both of the other data centers and are running HSRP between all 3.  There have been a few issues since that was done with HSRP and failures. 

So my long winded explantion really is trying to get to 1 question.  Does anyone know if the TAC and Cisco support HSRP running between pairs of N7K running VPC and a pair of 6500s with sup 720s?  I can open a TAC case but figured I'd ask here first.

Thanks all.

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