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HTTP Compression

We had comfigured http compression with ssl termination.

In compression statistics

I am getting :

Compression Statistics:

HTTP Responses In: 122,852

Compressed HTTP Responses Out: 15,191

Bypassed HTTP Responses Out: 107,661

HTTP Response Bytes In: 698,443,874

Compressed HTTP Response Bytes Out: 77,628,963

Bypassed HTTP Response Bytes Out: 418,560,407

Compression Ratio Percentage: 73%

# of connections closed/reset due to:

Unknown Method: 0

Pipelined Data: 0

Client Tag Format: 0

Server Tag Format: 0

Internal Error: 0

# of files bypassed due to:

Method: 24,838 Status: 4,918

Client Version: 33,406 Server Version: 0

Accept-Encoding: 0 MD5 or Encoded: 0

File Extension: 34,746 Content Type: 59

C-Bypass Total: 92,990 S-Bypass Total: 14,783

Data Too Small: 9,806

Most of http response are bypassed through compression algorithm.

What parameter needs to be configured to reduce bypass?

Configured parameter are as follows

Compression Type: ASCII

Compression Encode: Auto

Compression Accept-omit: Gzip

Compression TCP settings:

Virtual TCP Inactivity TO: 240 Server TCP Inactivity TO: 240

Virtual TCP Syn Timeout: 30 Server TCP Syn Timeout: 30

Virtual TCP Ack Delay: 200 Server TCP Ack Delay: 200

Virtual TCP Fin Timeout: 30 Server TCP Fin Timeout: 30

Virtual Min Retrans Timer: 500 Server Min Retrans Timer: 500

Virtual TCP Nagle Algorithm: enable Server TCP Nagle Algorithm: enable

TCP Receive Buffer: 32768 Server TCP Queue Delay: 750

TCP Transmit Buffer: 65536

Thanks in Advance



Re: HTTP Compression

I think you can enable the CSS to compress HTTP text data returned to clients through the SSL compression module. Compressing HTTP response data improves performance for clients using dialup and other slow speed links and reduces the amount of bandwidth that the server data consumes.

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