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IBM2216 migration to CPA

Hi, i need to migrate an IBM2216 and i thinking in a cisco7204vxr and a CPA module. My client actually has an IBM2216 it has a Token ring interface and is working as an SNA Gateway in order to access IBM Mainframe.

The IBM mainframe has attached a 3745-61AFEP with token ring interface and the ibm2216 are on the same ring.

I know that CPA module can support this application but i don´t know if it´s necessarily need to be attached to Mainframe channel. My question is, Cisco router cisco7204vxr can work as a SNA gateway with out Mainframe channel conection, and use only the token ring interface between FEP and router CISCO7204vxr in order to access this from a remote site.

Please give me your comments


Re: IBM2216 migration to CPA

I do not really understand what you are asking here, however, to summerise, the only point in installing a CPA card which is not channel attached to the mainframe would be to run the TN3270 server feature on it.

If this is what you mean by 'working as an SNA gateway', then the answer is yes, you can do this, and actually access the mainframe via another connected device, providing you can reach its mac accress from the CPA router via source route bridging or DLSW.

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Re: IBM2216 migration to CPA



My client has an ibm2216 and need to change it becuase IBM has not support today.

The IBM2216, 3745-61AFEP and a cisco router are in the same ring. If we suggest change the cisco router for a CISCO7204VXR with CPA module, i would like to know if it is necessarily a CPA phisycal connection to the mainframe in order to work in the same manner of IBM2216.

Is it possible to work as a SNA-TCPIP gateway with conecction only through token ring and serial interfaces.

Thanks for your commnets


Re: IBM2216 migration to CPA

The only actual 'gateway' function that the cisco router provides is a TN3270 server function. This requires a CIP/CPA card which is usually channel connected to the mainframe however can be connected via SRB to another mainframe connection, typically via a TIC on a FEP or a CIP/CPA on another router.

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