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Microsoft Exchange and Outlook "requesting data.. error message.

I have a customer experiencing problems with their Microsoft Exchange and Outlook clients running across a newly installed ATM WAN. I have a 3 MB IMA circuit at the host as well as the remote. On a frequest basis the clients will get the requesting data from Exchange server error message. Any suggestions on what might be causing this problem?

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Re: Microsoft Exchange and Outlook "requesting data.. error mess


I have seen this before. Are the enduser clients using Office XP? I had a similar problem with people using Office XP while getting mail over a VPN connection. I couldn't find a specific bug at MS, go figure, but I seem to think it has to do with the integrated "Chat Client" that Outlook has in Office XP. So the woork around I used is the users were rolled back to Office 2K, and the problem disappeared.

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Re: Microsoft Exchange and Outlook "requesting data.. error mess

Exchange server was original designed as a LAN application, thus the RPC protocol. Since you are running across a slow WAN (latency is not LAN like) you can only adjust/eliminate the message via the Registry, or better yet a Group Policy;;en-us;293650

The messages become more prevalent with large number of users, slow hardware, and with Outlook 2003. The move to RPC over HTTP (2003 Exchange and Outlook 2003) might reduce chatter.

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