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New Member

Migrating IBM 37xx

We have the next configuration.

1.- host1 -- 3725 -- crossdomain link -- 3172 -- host2

We want to eliminate the 3725, the question is, can I change this crossdomain link to a 75xx CIP router?.

2.- host1-- 3725 -- x25link -- CITA ( swift site ).

It is possible to change this link to the same 75xx router ?

Thanks in advance


Re: Migrating IBM 37xx

The answer to #1 is No. Both CIP and 3172 are defined as XCA in VTAM. XCA does not provide network boundary function. In SNI scenario, at least one side of a SNI connection has to perform network boundary function. From your proposed configuration, both side of the SNI will be XCA (i.e one side is CIP, and another side is 3172) Neither side performs network boundary function. There are a couple of options for #1:

a. replace the 3725 by a 3745

b. replace the SNI connection by APPN (i.e. HPR/IP or ISR)

I do not understand configuration #2. What is CITA?

New Member

Re: Migrating IBM 37xx

Thanks for your response.

The CITA is a X25 node to stablish a connection to the swift network.



Re: Migrating IBM 37xx

What is the SNA device on the other side of the X.25 network? Is it a SNI link?

Cisco routers does support X.25 (i.e. QLLC) on DLSw. They also converts QLLC into all sorts of media, say token ring, ethernet, SDLC, and so on, to another local interface. I assume that you want to connect an X.25 node to the CIP. This is supported by DLSw as shown in the following URL:

(The last table)

However, the same restriction applies on SNI links. (i.e. XCA does not provide network boundary function) If the device on CITA is a CIP, you will not bring up the connection. The end stations fails during XID exchange.

New Member

Re: Migrating IBM 37xx

Thanks a lot.

Cisco Employee

Re: Migrating IBM 37xx

Cross-domain is between different subareas in the same SNA network, so if the correct terminology is being used then this isn't SNI. I suspect this will work using CIP/DLSw as Dixon has suggested.

New Member

Re: Migrating IBM 37xx

Yes, the crossdomain is in the same SNA network.

Where can i find information about that configuration?


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