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New Member

Multiple SNAsw session on a router with HPR/IP

Hi all,

I have a big problem.

I have a router which has 3 X.25 lines configured to accept QLLC calls from a logical phone numbers. The aim of this operation is that our MVS check the status of each line through EE on the router, and if a call enter from line 3, the MVS choose to redirect the outcoming call through the line 1.


--[X.25 with QLLC on line 1]---| |


--[X.25 with QLLC on line 2]---| w/ |--[IP with HPR/IP]-- OSA Card

| local|

--[X.25 with QLLC on line 3]---| DLsw|


I have defined on WAN-LAN mapping: local DLsw on each serial interface ( each line), a vmac anwith his own ring for DLSw .

- for the line 1 : 4000.3640.4001 with 100 ring and VDLC vmac 4000.3745.4001

- for the line 2: 4000.3640.5001, and with 200 ring and VDLC vmac 4000.3745.5001

- for the line 3: 4000.3640.6001 with 300 ring and VDLC vmac 4000.3745.6001

on the SNAsw, i have define 3 ports (one dedicated for each line) with one CP name. but doesn't works...

Any ideas?

New Member

Re: Multiple SNAsw session on a router with HPR/IP


Can you give more detail as to what doesn't work, and relate this in SNA terms?

Are all 3 links active to SNASw?

Are these 3 different remote devices downstream from SNASw, or are they 3 links to the same device?

What comes in on line 3? Is it a BIND? What type (LU 6.2 or dependent LU)? What is the destination LU of the BIND? And you want the BIND sent back over line 3? How is that destination LU known to SNASw? I think if SNASw finds the LU locally it will forward the BIND without sending anything up to VTAM.

I also don't know that VTAM has much of a view of what's downstream from SNASw. The tail vectors are reported but I think they're only used in some EBN case.

So I don't have a real clear picture of what you are trying to do, but it may not be possible.

Along with the explanation of what you're trying to do, I'd like to see

- show run

- show snasw link

- show snasw session

- show snasw directory

- show snasw topo

- snasw dlctrace dumped to file, capturing the setup attempt

- snasw pdlog dumped to file

It might be best to open a Service Request to better keep track of the doc and status. However if you want to try to explain in more detail we can first try to determine here whether it is possible to get it working.



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