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New Member

N5k QoS Policy Statistics

Hi there,

I've got the follwoing problem, I would like to enable the QoS policy statistics on my Nexus 5010 running  firmware 5.0(3)N2(2a).

This is where I am at:

nexus# show policy-map interface

Global Statistics status : enable


     Service-policy (qos) input:      default-in-policy

          policy statistics status:     disabled


     Service-policy (queuing) input:     default-in-policy

          policy statistics status:          disabled


     Service-policy (queuing) output: adapted-out-policy

          policy statistics status:        disabled

As you can see I managed to enable the statistics globally via "(config)# qos statistics" but I don't have any clue how to enable  the statistics for every service-policy on every interface. The config guides and examples already had them enabled but didn't mention the corresponding command(s).

I really hope someone can help me on this.

Thanks in advance!


Cisco Employee

N5k QoS Policy Statistics


This feature is not currently supported on n5k devies.

You can use "show queuing interface Ethernet x/y"

New Member

N5k QoS Policy Statistics


thanks for answering. (How) Do the policy statistics status and the "show queuing interface e x/y" information differ?

Is it planned to support the policy statictics status with a later NX-OS release?

And what I really don't understand, why is it possible to enable the policy statistics globally when I can't see anything afterwards? What is this command good for in the current release?

Looking forward to get more answers ;-)

Thx again!

Cisco Employee

N5k QoS Policy Statistics

Currently most adequate output has

show queuing interface e x/y

It's planned to support "show policy-map interface" in future releases. But no additional info is available.



New Member

Re: N5k QoS Policy Statistics

hello Colleagus


Last entry in this mail chain forum is 5 years old. I wasnt successful to find any more actual forum  on internet. 

I'd like to ask if is there already any version which support  it?


we use N5K system version: 7.0(6)N1(1) and have the same issue as mentioned upper.  



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