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New Member

Need a direction to start

Our company is growing over multiple locations to the point where we are planning to apply to ARIN for a block of 16 Class C blocks to avoid future hassles when changing upstream providers. I have no understanding of the routing issues at that level as our upstream providers have always dealt with it. Can someone make some suggestions of where I need to look and what I need to look for to start educating myself on routing at that level?

Any guidance appreciated!

Pat H


Re: Need a direction to start

Sound as if you may need to run BGP. The following is quite a good tutorial -

For a really basic tutorial on IP addressing and subnetting, try the following -

New Member

Re: Need a direction to start


Life could possibly be made easier with the use of a private addressing scheme wihtin your different campuses and then utilizing a NAT Pool for the communicaitons that needs to leave each/all campuses. This may cut down on the amount of configuration needed when you change providers, is can also greatly reduce the amount of impact an IP change would have on your customers and/or users.

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