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Nexus 1000v - port-channel "refresh"

Hi All,

My question is, does anyone have any information on this 1000v command:

Nexus-1000v(config)# port-channel internal device-id table refresh

I am looking for a way for the port-channel interface to be automatically removed from the 1000v once the VEM has been deleted, currently the port-channel interface does not disappear when the VEM has been removed. This seems to be causing problems once the same VEM is re-added later on. Ports are getting sent into quarantine states and ending up in invalid states (eg. NoPortProfile state when there is actually a port-profile attached).

Anyway, if anyone can explain the above command or tell me how to find out more, it would be great, I can't find it documented anywhere and the context-sensitive help in the NXOS is vague at best.

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Nexus 1000v - port-channel "refresh"


I don't have much information on that command, but I do know it wont remove any unused port channels.  They have to be manually deleted if they're no longer needed.

The port Channel ID will remain even after a VEM is removed in case the assigned VEM comes back.  When a VEM is decommisioned permanently, I'll do a "no vem x" to also remove the Host entry for that VEM from the VSM.  This way the module slot # can be re-assigned to the next new VEM inserted.  After adding/removing VEMs just do a "show port-channel summary" to see any unused Port Channel IDs, and delete them.  It's a quick & painless task.

I would hope this wouldn't be a common issue - how often are you deleting/removing VEMs?



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Re:Nexus 1000v - port-channel "refresh"

Can I ask why you are deleting a vem then re-adding it later so I may try the same.

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