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Nexus 7000-Error Message


We are having 2 nexus switches configured in the network as core with HSRP configured between them..The access switches are connected withdual 10G links to both core switches with VPC configured in Nexus..In both core switches 10G module is used for uplink termination..In one of the core switch for this 10 G module we get the follwoing error

Module-1 reported minor temperature alarm. Sensor=20 Temperature=101 MinThreshold=100 2011 Dec 22 08:10:19 CORE-SEC %PLATFORM-2-MOD_TEMPOK:

Module-1 recovered from minor temperature alarm. Sensor=20 Temperature=99 MinThreshold=100 even though the room temprature is 23 Degree still we get this error wherein as per the nexus documenation allowed room temparature is 0-40 Degree (Operating temperature: 32º to 104ºF (0º to 40ºC) `

show module`

Mod  Ports  Module-Type                      Model                            Status

---  -----  -------------------------------- ------------------ -------------------------------------
1    8      10 Gbps Ethernet XL Module      N7K-M108X2-12L        ok

2    32    1/10 Gbps Ethernet Module        N7K-F132XP-15          ok

3    48    10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet XL Mod N7K-M148GT-11L    ok

5    0      Supervisor module-1X            N7K-SUP1                      active *

As per the nexus module documentation for module1 the allwed temparature is 0-40degree wherein the actual room temparatue is 23degree..below is the exception message for module1

exception information --- exception instance 1 ----

Module Slot Number: 1

Device Id         : 49

Device Name       : Temperature-sensor

Device Errorcode : 0xc3114203

Device ID         : 49 (0x31)

Device Instance   : 20 (0x14)

Dev Type (HW/SW) : 02 (0x02)

ErrNum (devInfo) : 03 (0x03)

System Errorcode : 0x4038001e Module recovered from minor temperature alarm

Error Type       : Minor error

PhyPortLayer     :

Port(s) Affected :

DSAP             : 39 (0x27)

UUID             : 24 (0x18

Same module exists in second Nexus 7000 which is in same datacenter but not getting this alarm..

can anyone please suggest on the same..Software details are as below


  BIOS:      version 3.22.0

kickstart: version 5.1(3)

  system:    version 5.1(3)

  BIOS compile time:       02/20/10

  kickstart image file is: bootflash:///n7000-s1-kickstart.5.1.3.bin

  kickstart compile time:  12/25/2020 12:00:00 [03/11/2011 07:42:56]

  system image file is:    bootflash:///n7000-s1-dk9.5.1.3.bin

  system compile time:     1/21/2011 19:00:00 [03/11/2011 08:37:35]

Cisco Employee

Nexus 7000-Error Message

Hi Sameer

Temperature alarm means that one particular sensor on the linecard warms up to 101 degree.

This can be caused by damaged sensor or problems with cooling in that particular part of chassis.

You can check temperature on the module using following command:

show environment temperature module 1

Tru to move the module to another slot. If the issue reoccure - open a TAC case.



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