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Nexus VS. 6513 with sup 720

Does anybody here has experience with Nexus 7018? We are planning to get one for our data center. It will be our core and distribution. I was told that this box is so powerful, I don't need to have a separate distribution to our core. We currently have a 6509 as our distribution and 6513 sup2 server farm. I'm also looking for a nice picture of a nexus 7000 series and how they did the cable management on it. I will appreciate any answers. Thank you in advance.

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Re: Nexus VS. 6513 with sup 720

hi Roberto,

There isn't really any "versus" in whether you should go N7K compared to Catalyst 6500 - both are products with a long lifetime ahead of them.

Certainly, we have seen numerous people choose to collapse the core and agg/dist layers into a single layer - that is a valid design - but like all design decisions, whether its appropriate for your environment depends exactly on what your environment is today, what it will be in future, and how you expect to transition between the two.

Things to consider here is: transition from gigabit to 10 gigabit, unified I/O, what server virtualization may be happening in your environment, etc.

Another thing to consider is the structure of (existing) physical cabling - i.e. if you're reducing the # of devices in the network, is the structured cabling set up in such a manner that you can do this easily or not?

Yet another consideration is exactly what features and functionality you are using on your Catalyst 6500s today. Nexus 7000 and NX-OS doesn't have the same sets of interfaces or breadth of features/functionality of IOS - intentionally so - but one would need to make sure that as a minimum it can do what you want today.

There is certainly lots of innovation with both products, an informed discussion with a technical Cisco person is perhaps the best path forward here to go through pros/cons.

Not sure if you are talking to someone technical at Cisco about all of this, but I'm happy to help - either directly - or by putting you in contact with someone technical closer to you to discuss.

If you want to take me up on this, email me at

Regarding the last point about how cable management is done, if you do a search on "Installing a Cisco Nexus 7018 Chassis" on, you'll get a link to which does show the cable management on an 18 slot chassis. There are quite a few incremental improvements over what you have today.


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