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New Member

Nexus1000 vem and vsm communication

just saw new version of 1000v deployment guide:

Cisco is recommending l3 mode for vem and vsm communication.

However, we are using erspan. If we use l3 mode as cisco's recommendation, which means we have to use the same vmkernal interface for our ERSPAN traffic and VEM & VSM communication which it is not really great for us.

Security guy raise their concern about mix of the two kind of traffic (ERSPAN traffic and VEM & VSM communication);

AND the erspan and vsm&vem traffic possibly will have different next-hop because erpsan and vsm are in different domain

Any idea from cisco about the new l3 mode recommendation for 1000v

New Member

Re: Nexus1000 vem and vsm communication

Does any cisco engineer can help for my question?

Cisco Employee

Re: Nexus1000 vem and vsm communication

Hey David,

Can you try creating a new vmk port for management and then putting that into a separate vethernet port profile with l3 control?

This way you mgmt interface can be used for maanagement connectivity and you can have it in its own port profile.

The traffic will be on separate vmk but on the same vlan.  Is this what you are looking for?

You can still also run layer 2 mode with version 5.1 if you would like.  It's just easier with Layer 3 because the theory is if you can ping the host then the module will be online.  You don't have to worry about the additional vlans and layer 2 connectivity you may need to troubleshoot.

Let me know,


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