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NLB Issue

Dear All,

            The IP addresses and are server physical ip's. the cluster ip for these servers is all these servers connected to cisco linksys switch1 and linksys switch2. linksys1 connected to Cisco6513 switch 1, linksys2 connected to cisco6513 switch 2 for redundancy. HSRP is configured.

            The problem is i cannot ping cluster ip  from outside subnet, and even i cannot ping from Core switch itself, But, if i ping any one physical ip from outside subnet, then i can ping cluster ip.

          Even the outside subnet users can able to ping (after pinging physical ip), but still the core switch cannot ping cluster. but the path from outside users going via Core switch only.

           I entered the static entry for arp as #arp  00bd.00af.bf32 arpa (alias)



subnet /25                        Linksys1                               Core C6513 Sw1

def gw->ip10.134.189.122/25    --------->vlan 5- ip

Cluster ip    def gw            Def gw- (HSRP)



server2:                                                                             |

ip-               Linksys2                             Core C6513 Sw2

subnet /25              -------->ip10.134.189.123       -------->vlan 5- ip

def gw-       def gw         Def gw- (HSRP)

Cluster ip

Thanqs in advance

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