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Operation of DLSw+ Eth. Redundancy

I have 2 routers (CA-Rtr-1, CA-Rtr-2) connected to my Ethernet Network, both with a DLSw connection established.

I would like to have them load balance the circuits on my Ethernet segment. For example, with roughly 200 Ethernet users, I would like both routers to be responsible for 100 circuits each.

Can this be done? How?

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Re: Operation of DLSw+ Eth. Redundancy

Be careful how you apply Ethernet Redundancy in your design. ER was developed for use when there are two remote routers that need to provide redundant DLSw+ connectivity for LAN connected devices.

From your note it seems you might want to balance between two central peers. You can do this with dlsw load-balance command. It's hard to determine exactly what you are attempting to accomplish from your wording.

Take a look at the DLSw+ Design Guide Chapter 3.

It might be that you are trying to load balance at the remot side. Here, it might be best to look at segmenting your LAN.

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