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OTV load-balancing


I have 4 N7Ks (2 in each site A and B) which have OTV VDC. There are 2 WAN FO links between each pair of N7Ks like this:


                          |                                 |

                         L3                              L3

                          |                                 |


The problem is that both "A-1" and "B-1" OTVs are choosen as AED for even VLANs, and "A-2" and "B-2" are AED for odd VLANs. The traffic for odd and even VLANs is not equal, so both inter-site links are not utilized equaly. If AEDs were choosed in a crossed manner (A-1, B-2 for odd, and A2, B1 for even VLANs), the traffic for odd and even VLANs would load-balance between both links. Is there any way to manualy define System ID for OTV AED?  By default, the System ID is taken from SUP MAC, and unfortunately I cannot change N7Ks' places now.



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OTV load-balancing

Hi Krzysztof,

Unfortunately No it is not possible as of today. System IDs for OTV are taken from the burnt in MAC address of the switch and is not

possible to change it.


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OTV load-balancing

Do you know if it will be possible at all in the nearest future? What are other possible ways to load-balace unequal traffic for odd and even VLANs in OTV? I have seen customers' networks where most of VLANs were odd, so the traffic is very unequal... Lack of flexible load-balancing makes OTV poor solution for many customers.. :-(

Someone mentioned at Cisco

Someone mentioned at Cisco Live! this year that it will soon be possible to allocate specific VLANs to specific AEDs. I hope that will come soon!

Kevin Dorrell


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