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Port-channel "bouncing" but physical ports are not

Refer to the attached PDF for topology diagram and configuration information.


Here's the issue.  According to the logs on DC2-5548-P1 and DC2-5548-P2, port-channels Po3107 and Po3108 are going down numerous times.  However, in the same timeframe, the physical interfaces are not reporting any down/up events at all.  This issue began just a few days ago.  Before that, the systems were operating fine.


NOTE: Po29 is the vPC peer link between P1 and P2.

UPDATE:  I totally missed this in the logs somehow but the 5Ks are showing that the physical ports are bouncing.  "show interface" output shows the "interface reset" counter incrementing on the physical ports.  This problem started in two separate environments 9 minutes apart at approx 01:52 AM on the 16th of March.  I'm wondering if there was a power event of some sort which caused physical damage to the hosts.  Seems kind of odd that 3 servers started having similar issues within 9 minutes of each other in two 5K environments.

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