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Problem interface ethernet on router with STUN+DLSW


i'm trying to understand some problems on the ethernet of router cisco3640,i find a lot of collisions and deferred.My topology is :

Ethernet---router A ----FM-----router B----Ethernet

(10Mb/s) (10Mb/s)

and these are logs in 6 hours about :

sh int eth:

0 output errors, 24042 collisions, 0 interface resets

0 babbles, 0 late collision, 6215 deferred


sh contr eth:

rx ring entries=32, tx ring entries=64

rxring=0x3123B80, rxr shadow=0x60F3D534, rx_head=24, rx_tail=0

txring=0x3123DC0, txr shadow=0x60F3D5E0, tx_head=30, tx_tail=30, tx_count=0

Software MAC address filter(hash:length/addr/mask/hits):

0x2A: 0 0900.2b01.0001 0000.0000.0000 0

0xC0: 0 0100.0ccc.cccc 0000.0000.0000 0

0xC2: 0 0180.c200.0000 0000.0000.0000 0

spurious_idon=0, filtered_pak=0, throttled=0, enabled=0, disabled=0

rx_framing_err=0, rx_overflow_err=0, rx_buffer_err=0

rx_bpe_err=0, rx_soft_overflow_err=0, rx_no_enp=0, rx_discard=0

tx_one_col_err=492484, tx_more_col_err=963238, tx_no_enp=0, tx_deferred_err=451


tx_underrun_err=0, tx_late_collision_err=0, tx_loss_carrier_err=0

tx_exc_collision_err=0, tx_buff_err=0, fatal_tx_err=0

hsrp_conf=0, need_af_check=0


In the ethernet is open the bridge, and i had applied the following access-liston the ethernet :

bridge-group 1 input-lsap-list 200

bridge-group 1 input-type-list 201

access-list 200 permit 0x0000 0x0505

access-list 201 deny 0x0000 0xFFFF

and i didn't find these errors.

CAn anyone help me?

It's a real problem or it isn't seriously problem?

My topology and all hosts talk to 100Mbit/sec and i'd like to upgrade the ethernet in fastethernet.

Thanks for your collaborations.


Roberto Paoletti


Re: Problem interface ethernet on router with STUN+DLSW

It looks like that there is too much traffic for the 10M ethernet before you apply the access list. As the access list only allows SNA, the utilization of the ethernet interface lowers after you apply the access list.

If everything is working as you like after you apply the access list, I do not recommend any changes. Otherwise, you need to take a sniffer trace on the ethernet wire and find out the source of the traffic.

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