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Queries about DCNM

I have configured my DCNM install using the SVI interface. I have changed the option to managed from unmanaged, but when I login It seems like I am not seeing all the info. First what I notice is that against the switch name it says timeout. Secondly I do not see any ports neither Eth nor FC. I see the VSANs but no ports associated with this VSAN? I would like to know if I am doing something wrong. Please help.

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Queries about DCNM

I am setting up DCNM-SAN for the first time with a N5K using SVI for the management interface (mgmt0 is not wired to the management network).  I have the same symptoms but also see timeouts in the logs as if DCNM-SAN is trying to contact the mgmt0 interface.  DCNM version is 5.2.2a - release notes say DCNM-LAN works with SVI (and I have also installed DCNM-LAN and done discovery there and see no problem) but doesn't mention DCNM-SAN.  Does DCNM-SAN not support SVI?  Will it be supported in future?

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Queries about DCNM

still same here in newest version.

it seems DCNM-SAN only tries to access the mgmt interface. Anyone knows how SVI can be used?

It's quite useless if mgmt interface eg. is used for VPC keepalive only....

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Queries about DCNM

Hi Everyone,

i know that this problem is very old but maybe this will provide a solution:

The DCNM uses per default the mgmt IP instead of using the SVI. Best Practice Scenarios will tell you to use the mgmt0 Interface for vPC Keepalive, because this is a free Copper Port and you dont have to use an expensive Nexus Port. Anyway DCNM will prefer this mgmt0 port for polling in SAN Discovery.

To solve your problem just go into the Server Options of the DCNM Admin -> Server Properties. Scroll down to the section Polling:

I hope that this could solve your problem.



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