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Redirect traffic destined for an IP on Server 1 to go to Server 2 at DR Site?

DNS is what I'm using for most of my subnets. The problem is that I have a handful of subnets that have devices that are under the control of an outside agency. Those devices access a server in my DC by pointing to the IP Address.

If I performed a failover test to Server 2 at a DR Site, how can I redirect traffic from those subnets to Server 2 if they are still pointing at the IP on Server 1? In the DC, a 6509 sits between Server 1 and the subnets in question. To get to Server 2 at the DR site, I have an FWSM in the DC and an ASA5585 at the DR site.

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Re: Redirect traffic destined for an IP on Server 1 to go to Ser

If your route point is a router or L3 switch then you could configure a route-map with an ACL that is used to change the next hop ip for the servers in the DC to the DRC. This will be a lot of manual configuration and testing but it maybe a viable solution.

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