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Replacement of 3750 stack with 6509-E switch

As we are replacing 3750 stack with 6509-E switch.Till now our servers are connected to 3750 stack which is also having few SVIs , default routes and access-lists. So we are creating a Etherchannel for connecting 3750 and 6509 and after moving all the servers on 6509 we will remove 3750.

Problem is that how to configure the same config on 6509 as 3750 is having now.

Till now I am thinking to remove all config from 3750 and than immediately paste the same config on 6509 as 6509 in connected to ISP.

So, need the your help to find the best solution to move servers and config. on 6509.


You would shut down the SVI's

You would shut down the SVI's on the 3750 and move them to the 6509-E as well as the default routes. Then you could trunk the 3750 to the 6509 and you should be set. You are basically moving the routing from the 3750 to 6509 and the servers will have another L2 hop to get to the default gateway. You will also have to move the ACLs depending on what they do. 

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