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sdlc over dlsw+ configuration (3745)

Dear sir/madam,

I got problem with my sdlc connection over dlsw+, here my existing router configuration on attachment. At that config sdlc connection only 4 circuit can established. Actually sdlc conn. configured more than 4 connection. My ver IOS c3745-entbase-mz.123-11.T.bin.

Implemented Config on Serial1/1

thanks for your help

New Member

Re: sdlc over dlsw+ configuration (3745)

Hello Didi Hermawan,

I would configure the sdlc port as given below; instead of configuring "sdlc address 01 vmac 4000.1012.0043"

Here is your current configuration:

sdlc address 01 vmac 4000.1012.0043

sdlc partner 4000.0600.1ce2 01

Just configure like the following :

sdlc address 01

sdlc partner 4000.0600.1ce2 01

So, your configuration will be like following :

interface Serial1/1

description connect TO HI-0011 NPA 21#1

no ip address

encapsulation sdlc


no keepalive


clockrate 9600

sdlc role primary

sdlc vmac 4000.0600.0000

sdlc poll-pause-timer 200

sdlc K 1

sdlc address 01

sdlc xid 01 /* this is also missing in the current config

sdlc partner 4000.0600.1ce2 01

sdlc address 02

sdlc xid 02

sdlc partner 4000.0600.1ce2 02

configure the rest in the same way.

Do not configure

sdlc dlsw partner 4000.0600.1ce0

sdlc dlsw default

Instead configure the following :

sdlc dlsw 01 02 03 04 06 09 12 /* this will bind the PUs to the dlsw

This is if the PUs are PU 2.0, if your PUs are PU2.1, you need to configure

sdlc address C2 xid-poll command,

instead of "sdlc xid 01 "

xid-poll indicates that this PU is a 2.1 device.

You may check out the following URL, there is a good example.

If it does not work, I would suggest you to open a Service Request with the TAC and provide the following information;

From both dlsw peer routers:

sh dlsw peer

sh dlsw cir det

sh dlsw reach

sh tech

sh log

I hope this helps.

Have a nice day and kind regards,


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