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slow access

we hv 2mbps internet leased was working fine and suddenly goes to very slower a dialup connection...where do i find out what b/w i am getting at present?..Is it possible to view in router itself?..

Sh int s0/0 ..shows 5 mins input....something

5 mins outpu it the upward and downwad b/w?otr something else..

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Re: slow access

You should have your SP test your line when this happens.

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Re: slow access

Hi Rajan,

Yes, itz a good option to have your SP to check the link when you see this problem. Do you have any kind of N/w Analyzer in your setup? That might help to get the key figures in understanding what is causing this. Does it happen daily at the same time or in diffrent time frames. If it happens at the same time, see are there any application servers like SAP etc..are accessed by hugh number of users which might choke up the leased line.

But, to avoid the confusion around it is better to sniff the traffic patterns in your network to see what is causing this. Sh int command might not really help in this case.

What does the error counters show in the show interface output? Is interface is getting reset many number of times because of err packets?? check all these options......good luck

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Re: slow access


currently hving MRTG..Ok..Does Cisco works will generate report based on the actual data transfer..

say we hv couple of clients servers..we need to bill them based on the usage..what shd be the best one..

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Re: slow access


When the E1 circuit starts behaving as a "dial-up" one interms of speed,

1) Whats the data transfer rate on the Serial Interface (5 min exponential average would give, can change it to 1 min as well "Load-interval").

2)Are there any errors in the line at that time?

3)check the type of traffic passing thru, by netflow analysis "route cache flow" .

You should then be able to get a fare Idea of what is the possible reason for the unexpected beahviour.

Hope that helps.


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