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Slow Throughput - Windows 2008 Servers

We have a couple of HP Proliants DL380 G6 (windows 2008 SP2) that have teamed network connections to an Cisco 3750e and 3560e network switch - this two switches are tied to a 6513. When we do a file copy between two servers (connected to 3750/3650 switches - on NIC in each switch Teamed) we are getting about 4-4.3 MB/sec data transfer speed. But if we go and transfer data to a server that is attached to our 6509 (core switch) we are getting 65/75 MB data transfer. But coming back the other way we still are getting 4.50 MB data transfer speed. I am not a networking person but trying to find out why the difference. The 3560e and 3750e are attached to the 6513 by 10Gig Ethernet.

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Re: Slow Throughput - Windows 2008 Servers

I did some more test and any traffic internally and coming into these two switches are at 6 MB/Sec using Iperf on the server. Would the ACIS cause this problem? For surely Cisco equipment can push more traffic through that 6 MB/SEc

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Re: Slow Throughput - Windows 2008 Servers

Sounds like a classic case o duplex mismatch on the access port. i.e. one end thinks it has full duplex the other half duplex.


Re: Slow Throughput - Windows 2008 Servers

Yes, check duplex autonegotiation on both sides (switch and server). Furthermore, try disabling qos (no mls qos) on the C3750e to see if it makes any difference. Default qos settings on C3750E should i say...mmm..not optimal ? What version are you running ? Do you see any input/output drops/crc errors with "sh int gix/x ?"

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