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SNASW directory

Hello Forum,

this case is somewhat peculiar. We do not have any problem however I would like your opinion on this.

We have an AS/400 downstream to a cisco 7206. Upstream is of course an IBM z/Series M/F.

The AS/400 is supposed to be configured as EN with LU6.2 support. Then through the SNASw it is connected to the M/F.

The thing here is that I do not see the cpname of the AS/400 on the show snsaw directory command. However this entry appears on the show snasw link command.

I do ont know why, but everything wokrs perfect! I thought that if the cpname of the downstream PU does not appear in the directory, then no LU 6.2 to LU 6.2 communication would be permitted.

Can you explain this?

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Re: SNASW directory

It is possible that the AS/400 is indicating "search me" on it's CP Capabilities when it starts CP-CP sessions with SNASw. This means it will not register its LUs, but instead wants it's NN server to forward ALL Locate searches to it.

Take a look at the DLC trace next time the AS/400 connects in. In the CP Capabilities (x12C1), look at CV33, byte 2, bit 0. If this bit is on, the AS/400 requests to be searched.

I think this is pretty inefficient, as it takes away one of the features of SNASw, which is the ability to limit its role in network searches. I don't know how to control the "search me" feature in AS/400, but I recommend turning it off. This will cause the AS/400 to register its LUs, and receive searches only for LUs it actually owns.

This is the only explanation I can think of for what you are seeing.



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