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snasw pdlog

Can you tell me where I can get more information to decipher messages in the snasw pdlog. We had a recent SNA response time problem that appeared to fix itself. The common element is snasw. I am wondering if info. in the pdlog may have given me some insite to the problem being experienced..

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Re: snasw pdlog

If you are talking about a LOG message on the console then you can issue show snasw pdlog id detail to see what the detailed pdlog entry contains. You can also issue snasw dump pdlog to put the file where you can browse it with an editor.

If you have already done the above and have further questions you can post them here and I'll try to help. The pdlog is somewhat self explanatory, but sometimes understanding the context or specific meaning is not straightforward, and I don't know of any place where they are each explained in detail. If your questions/entries are too lengthy for posting here then your best bet is to open a case with TAC.

- Ray

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Re: snasw pdlog

The following link give some information about specific snasw messages including those for the pdlog ...

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Re: snasw pdlog

**** 00015264 - EXCEPTION 512:185 (0) ****

Unable to route inter-node session data

From ../dcl/npcinter.c 1391 :at 10:30:18, 20 August 03

I have known about the link you posted. I was hoping that there may be some significance in the exception codes, (0) and the number following the c module name which would further define the problem. Also what is the connection between the pdlog message and messages in the link provided??

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