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STUN state field

I have a number of stun channels which went showed as dead in the state

field. When using the command "show stun"

Is there any documentation showing what would cause this.

at the remote end of the link the router was showing state as "open"

at the FEP end the state was showing as "dead"

The FEP was showing pending contact in Netview for the lines in question


Re: STUN state field

The following URL described the different STUN peer states -

Community Member

Re: STUN state field

I would check 'stun peer address ' if its correct. Each router should name the other router. stun state is 'dead' when its not receiving any packets from the other side.


Re: STUN state field

I do not know a link to explain why the stun peer goes to dead. From my experience, it usually a configuration problem (as another person suggests, wrong SDLC address) or TCP fails to establish a TCP connection for STUN (usually an IP routing issue).

I would like to ask you a question on your topology. Do you use STUN basic, STUN SDLC without local-ack, STUN SDLC with local ack, or STUN SDLC-TG? It is abnormal to have a peer in an open state; while the remote peer is in a dead state. Depend upon the topology, you may need to enable stun remote keepalive (global command stun remote-peer-keepalive)

Also, please do a sh tcp on both STUN peer and find out if there is a TCP connection for STUN.

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