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Transfer Speed

Hi Friends,

I am having two different links. Both are leased lines. One link is 1 Mbps and the other is 2Mbps.

I am having a FTP Server in other (Remote) location. The FTP Server IP is

I am reaching this IP in 360 msec via 1 Mbps link.

I am reaching this IP in 240 msec via 2 Mbps link.

But, by 1 mbps link I am able to upload 3kbps rate (data tranfer). By 2 mbps link I am able to upload only 1kbps.

The above said leased lines are from two different ISPs.

What ma be the problem????

Thanks and Best Regards,


Community Member

Re: Transfer Speed

Hello Velmmurugan,

I would check this with your service provider to see why you have 1 kbps rate. In the ISP there might be some restrictions, knowing that you can upload to the same FTP server with higher rate from the different path, I think FTP serveri is OK. I would also do "extended ping test" by increasing the packet size upto 15000 to see the connectivity towards the ftp server.

Do you use the same data link protocol on both links ? ( FR, HDLC etc..)



Community Member

Re: Transfer Speed

Hi Hakan,

There is no config changes in both the routers. I have checked up. But still that difference is there. I cant do the extended ping also. I think they disabled ICMP.

Thanks for your reply.

Thanks and Best Regards,


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